cybersqydcybersqyd 23 Nov 2019, 20:59

Hmm. There's something about this which just, doesn't quite click for me? Iunno if it's just that I don't know enough Norse mythology to quite get what is happening here; or if there's just, not enough here for me to really dig this but it feels, lacking?



TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB 25 Nov 2019, 05:57

In short, Thor is notorious for basically being the primary adversary of the Jötunnこの記事で. He murders a lot of Jötunn and is commonly attributed as the only thing keeping the Aesir gods "safe" from them. Lots of stories involve Thor mercilessly slaughtering large numbers of Jötunn, such as massacring everybody in attendance at the marriage of Þrymr, the king of the Jötunn, because Þrymr stole Thor's hammer.


The fridge logic at play here is that Thor slaughtered a family of Jötunn simply for being Jötunn, and he did so in horrific ways, such as bashing a little girl's face in, performing the blood eagle on a young boy, or frying them with his electricity powers. Basically, Thor is a bad fucking dude in the context of this article and that's the main point.


DrslexionDrslexion 25 Nov 2019, 08:01

McB is right here. This would be like in Mulan where they find the town burned to the ground and they focus on the doll. It’s to show that Thor is a soulless killer.

McBは正しいです。これは全焼した村を見つけ人形に注目するムーラン(注: ディズニー映画「ムーラン」には鷹が少女の人形を持ってきたことからその少女の村と軍の全滅を悟るシーンがある。)のようなものにするつもりです。トールは感情のない殺戮者となるでしょう。

cybersqydcybersqyd 25 Nov 2019, 17:10

Yeah; it doesn't seem like I was missing much here, so I think I just personally don't really dig the coldness/brevity with which this is presented. Like, the article doesn't really give time for me to relate to any of the characters in it because they aren't characters; so it ends up trying to carry the whole piece on shock and it feels, a little flat for me. Possibly I just associate Thor too much with Marvel Thor for me to really manage to process this as horrific as it actually is?


The implied threat of retaliation in the final note feels like it rings a little hollow for me too cos there's the implication that none of the events happened recently. So there's no immediacy to the whole "hey mankind, the Aesir suck. We're gonna fuck them up." thing; and I don't really have a feel for the stakes here.

This all said: clearly the piece does resonate with a lot of people so feel free to not make any changes :3